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Xpres Yourself

Restylane elevates the importance of being able to express yourself in the Deaf community.


Restylane is designed with XpresHAn Technology (pronounced "Expression"), which moves with your natural facial expressions so you can have natural-looking volume without a frozen face.



The Deaf community relies heavily on facial expressions and mouth movements to express themselves and understand others. A facial expression can completely change the meaning of a sentence in ASL. So, why don’t we work with members of the community to celebrate the way they express themselves while creating more inclusive content for Restylane that gives a shout out for what our products can do?



We will create a soundless music video by working with Raven Sutton (a renowned, Deaf, ASL interpreter for musicians). The film’s focus will be on Raven Sutton’s face and hands as she signs lyrics, showing how important expression is to the Deaf community. To pair with the ASL lyrics, we will create a rhythm and beat through strong vibrations. In the end, we have created a music video exclusive to the Deaf community, allowing them to experience the benefits of Restylane Kysse in a way that’s personal to them.

Raven Sutton:

Unfortunately, this idea did not move forward, though my copy partner and I had a lot of heart for it.

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