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Woodside, NY Branding

Woodside logo-04.png
A passion project of mine, I wanted to brand my neighborhood of Woodside to communicate what I, and so many others love about it. Woodside, NY is known as a transportation hub. The logo combines the aerial view of the subway and LIRR tracks with the MTA subway express symbol, a diamond, as Woodside is accessible via the 7 train or its nickname, "The International Express." A monochromatic, purple palette was chosen to match the 7 train's purple symbol. Below, I've created a brochure, a website, postcards, and pins to celebrate the neighborhood.
Brochure Mock up alt-v2.png
Brochure Angled Mock up.jpg
Map Mockup.jpg
Mobile Website-v2-10.png
Mobile Website-v2-02.png
Mobile Website-v2-long scroll-11.png
Postcard Mockup.png
Postcard Mockup.png
Postcard Mockup Cards.png
Pins on Backpack.jpg
Pins on Backpack.jpg
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